Future Group Advantage

Empowering People

Future Group’s diverse people initiatives are aimed to attract, motivate and empower our employees in many ways.

These include:


An initiative that provides an opportunity to develop and enhance skills and knowledge through various educational and learning programs.


An initiative, aimed at encouraging employees who are consistent performers to fast-track their career growth by completing their higher education (MBA) in the retail domain.

Happiness Index Program

A priority initiative aimed towards building a culture of employee-level conversations to achieve happiness through sensitivity and empowerment.


‘The festival of learning at our stores’ is aimed at building a culture of a knowledge-led organization.


A residential program that has Processes & Games, Guided Meditation, Power Breathing Techniques, Understanding Bias Barriers & Nature of the Mind. Combined with timeless wisdom and innovative, contemporary management techniques, the program helps employees explore their inner-self in collaboration with the Art of Living Foundation.


Our Leadership Excellence Advancement Program identifies and develops an individual’s leadership potential.

Idea Board

Unlike a "suggestion box", the Idea Board is an open forum that offers a platform for employees to voice their ideas openly.


Future Group’s Management Trainee Program aims to develop trainees into future leaders at the company through on-the-job training, project work and functional implementation.