Winning the Hearts of Indian Consumers

Future Retail makes every effort to delight its customers, tailoring store formats to changing Indian lifestyles and adapting products and services to their desires.

We operate some of India’s most popular hypermarket and home solutions retail formats. Across value and lifestyle segments, our multi-format retail strategy caters to various consumption needs of a wide cross-section of Indian consumers.

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Future Retail Ltd. focuses on the hypermarket, supermarket and home solutions segment

Our business is well capitalized to propel pure retail growth momentum. We believe the Indian consumption story is intact and the combination of consumption and investment driven growth will power our success. We aim to maintain our focus on increasing consumption demand through innovative customer engagement activities.

We aim to continue on our growth path through a combination of realization efficiency and space expansion. Our aim is to maintain the momentum of topline growth through continuous efforts to increase store efficiencies and productivity as evident in improved.