At the Heart of Future Group's ethos

At Future Group, corporate social responsibility, inclusive growth and sustainability are at the core of our strategy and business practices. This reflects in our commitment to the community, environment and to every stakeholder in building a stronger foundation for our long-term, sustainable growth.

We believe modern organized retail has the power to strengthen the economy, create grass root employment and contribute significantly to social inclusion. As India’s premier retail player and one of India’s leading home-grown business houses, Future Group is present across the consumption value chain. Through millions of customers and thousands of suppliers, we are conscious of the economic, social and environmental impact of our activities.

We believe the challenges of inequity in our robust and growing domestic economy need to be tackled through sustainable development. Consequently, our principles are focussed on two main areas: integrating sustainable development into business activities and promoting sustained economic development for the country.

Future Group targets long-term sustainability in its businesses through three aspects

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