Big Bazaar Profit Club

At Big Bazaar we have always tried understanding our customer’s better keeping in mind their love for better bargains and getting maximum value out of each rupee they spend. This has always pushed us to think innovatively and striving to continuously giving our customers additional reasons to shop.

Times are tough and we understand that this is the time when we need to stand by our customers.

Hence, to share the burden of running our customer’s household the idea of Big Bazaar PROFIT CLUB was born.

Big Bazaar PROFIT CLUB is the most innovative product that the Indian Retail Market has ever witnessed. It offers an unmatched value proposition to its customers. A unique membership program where one can pay Rs. 10,000 and can shop for Rs. 1000 per month for the next 12 months i.e Rs. 12,000 over a period of 12 months. This card can be used across 215 + Big Bazaars and fbb stores across the country.

In case you miss shopping in a particular month, the amount can be carried forward to the next month.

Members of the Big Bazaar PROFIT CLUB will also receive the benefit of existing offers on their Payback cards and T24 mobile services.

The Big Bazaar PROFIT CLUB Card can be used as a Gift Card for your friends and family, like children living away from home or parents residing in other cities etc.

The Big Bazaar PROFIT CLUB Card can also serves as an excellent Employee Incentive program for your employees . It can also be extended to your business partners as a gift.

To join this club and avail the benefits of the Big Bazaar PROFIT CLUB Card, please feel free to contact us.